API Energy- Biatherm Heat Pump

API Energy- Biatherm Electrically Powered Heat Pumps used for private heating, industrial heating of water in production processes or heat recovery, with a performance  ranging from 20 to 5000 kW heating capacity.

Advantage of our Heat Pumps:

  • Constant availability of energy all year round.
  • Heat pumps uses heat from domestic water tank provided by municipality, wells, rivers, lakes etc. as a source of water draw their energy from heat exchanger systems specifically designed for individual projects, especially as it is mostly available at a relatively high temperature.
  • Systems simultaneously used for heating and cooling are of interest due to their efficiency.
  • Heat recovery in ventilation systems or from production processes is a particularly effective method to re-use heat energy at a high temperature, subject to customised analyses and implementations.
  • Heat pump big advantage is energy saving: the working cost are 1/4 of electric boiler, 1/3  of fuel boiler and 1/2 of gas boiler, saving energy much more than that of the solar energy hot water system and presenting a high energy-efficiency ratio and a notable energy-saving effect.

API Energy offers different type of heat pump

  • High temp heat pump outlet 75-80 degree.
  • Air to water heat pump work
  • Water Source Heat Pump
  • Geothermal Heat Pump
  • Household / Domestic Heat Pump
  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump




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