API Energy Garbage Chutes

API Energy Garbage Chutes can be installed in residential, commercial buildings and malls. In any duct, common lobbies, landings, staircase mid-landings, utility ducts, dry balconies and kitchens. If on floor level, Intake Hoppers shall be at every floor level If at mid-landing, Intake Hopper shall be at alternate floor level.

Product description

API Energy Horizon Chutes Features:

Weather proof Stainless Steel construction.

Sanitation system for internal cleaning of chutes.

Cleaning operation by control panel in garbage room

Disinfectants can be sprayed

Exhaust system to give minimum 20-40 air changes/hr

Auto closing Intake Hoppers

Discharge end fire door.

Available in different sizes

Garbage Trolley

Available in plastics / galvanized steel

Advantages Of API Energy Garbage Chutes:

Facilitates total building garbage collection at one single point

Garbage disposal with ease & utmost hygiene

Reduces Power consumption

“Dry” & “Wet” garbage separate collection possible

Widely used all over the world

Reduces manpower

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