API Energy Belt Conveyors are developed to handle a variety of materials like cement, limestone, clay, wood waste, rice straw and many others. Available in different capacities of up to 300 tones/ hr, these are engineered by using automated design software which is supported by CAD software and structure analysis software that helps in ensuring easy operation and eliminates chances of failure. We offer different types such as horizontal / inclined, tripper, trolley and reversible belt conveyors. It has got excellent conveying speed and proper arrangement for dust collection.

Types of Belt Conveyors:

Horizontal / Inclined Belt Conveyors

Tripper Belt Conveyors

Trolley conveyors

Reversible Belt Conveyors



Product description

API Energy offers Rubber Conveyor Belts premium quality which are used for various industrial purposes. Our Rubber Conveyor Belts are manufactured with hi-grade raw materials that ensure high durability, tensile strength, resistivity to adverse conditions, good trough-ability and flexibility. Our Conveyor Belts are suitable for critical applications. Conveyor Belts, that we manufacture, are reliable to the greatest extent due to the fact that these have a wide capacity range and very much customizable.

API Energy offers different type of Rubber Conveyor Belts

  • Chevron / Cleated Conveyor Belts.
  • Elevator Belts.
  • Sidewall Belts.
  • Hearing Bone / Wavy Top Belts.
  • Rough Top Belts.
  • Heat Resistant Belts.
  • Fire Retardant Belts.
  • Food Grade / Hygienic Belts.
  • Chemical Resistant Belts.
  • Oil Resistant Belts.

We also offer Special Belts i.e, Jointless Belts, Steep Angle Conveyor Belts, Pipe Conveyor, Bag Diverter Belts, Endless Belts, Reverse Stepped Ply Belts, Canvas Belts.

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