Active System– Forced Solar Water Heating System

API Energy – Biatherm Active System, where BIASOL Solar Panels are placed on the roof and API Energy Storage Calorifiers can be placed anywhere inside or outside the building. In this case we need a pumping system to circulate water throughout the system from storage tank heat exchanger to solar panel and from solar panel to storage tank heat exchangers. These systems are slightly complicated and require a number of components. The controls need to be designed understanding the area and application as the heat absorption and demand will vary place to place.

API Energy – Biatherm can also offer with overheat protection with API Energy Cooling Heat Exchanger  which is preferable for Systems with more number of panels and buildings with unbalanced demand. This will protects the collector and the solar fluid from becoming super heated when the load is low and the intensity of incoming solar radiation is high.


Product description

API Energy had incorporated with polish brand BIATHERM for solar thermal solutions. Biatherm can offer three different type of Solar Thermal System to heat your Water.

  • Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater
  • Active System– Forced Solar Water Heating System
  • Active Vented System– Drain Back Solar Water Heating System
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