API Energy Combined Wet-dry Cooling Tower

API Energy combined wet-dry cooling tower provided by API Energy is a reliable energy-efficient combined cooling equipment which, combined by the closed circuit cooling tower and the finned air cooler, could operate at both modes or at an alternating mode. When the temperature is quite high, this combined cooling tower could start the water spray system. But in most time, it employs the finned air cooler and the coil tubes to radiate heat, saving water and decrease maintenance and costs.

Therefore, this double-mode cooling tower, working as a dry cooling tower and a wet cooling tower, could be applied in both dry and wet conditions and places where the summer is hot and short and longer winter. Usually, the temperature is 20°C higher than the dry ball temperature. Moreover, thanks to its highly reliable cooling performance, this combined wet-dry cooling tower has been applied in a wide range of commercial and industrial areas.

Advantages of FBNF Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower

  1. Alternate between dry conditions and wet conditions.
  2. Water conservation
  3. Superb energy saving eflect
  4. Adaptable to water shortage, sandstorm and other rough environments



Product description


  1. Temperature of liquids to be cooled: 10-90’C
  2. Maximum temperature difference: 20’C, Optimum temperature difference: 5-8’C
  3. Suitable wet bulb temperature for projects: 5-15’C
  4. In dry conditions, the temperature of water being cooled is normally 20’C higher than the dry bulb temperature.
  5. Average noise value: dB59-72
  6. Suitable cooling rate for projects: more than 22L/s
  7. Cooling capacity of single module: 365KW-1,530KW
  8. This cooling tower can be applied in various severe environments, including sandstorms, water shortage and low wet-bulb temperature etc. It can be also used for industrial process water or civil air conditioning.
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