API Energy Crossflow Cooling Tower Closed Circuit

The crossflow cooling tower provided by API Energy is reliable cooling equipment designed with a combined multimodule structure. The single module cooling tower is dissected into smaller upper box and lower box, bringing convenience to transportation and filed disassembly and avoiding the long occupation of the construction site. Therefore, this low noise cooling tower, to a great degree, could help promote the management and working efficiency of a production site. Moreover, of an excellent noise controlling design, this crossflow cooling equipment is highly suitable for working occasions where noise should be strictly controlled, such as the hotel, shopping center, and office building. It is also applicable in the working condition where the temperature difference is 4-8° C. Given this, this commercial cooling tower is used as the cooling equipment for central air-conditioning system.



  1. Temperature of liquids to be cooled: 30-40℃
  2. Maximum temperature difference: 15℃, Optimum temperature difference: 4-7℃
  3. Suitable wet bulb temperature for projects: ≥10℃
  4. Average noise value: dB55-69
  5. Suitable cooling rate for projects: more than 22L/s
  6. Cooling capacity of single module: 312KW-1,063KW
  7. The crossflow cooling tower is suitable for use in quiet places, such as laboratories, data centers, the air conditioners for civil use and so on.

Product description

Features of Crossflow Cooling Tower

  1. Low noise. This environment friendly cooling tower is credited for its low noise and mixed flow design. As its coils are arranged at both sides, the heat rejection device enjoys a larger space for air flow. And the fan throat, of a maximized size, could significantly expand the airflow area. The wide fan blades which, of lower rotating speed, are often used in the aviation and could effectively reduce wind pressure and lower the noise.
  2. No deposits. Temperature of the spray water of this crossflow cooling machinery is controlled under the temperature that facilitates the scale formation. Moreover, the pipe is thoroughly damped, making it hard for the deposit to come into being;
  3. Easy maintenance. This crossflow closed circuit cooling tower enjoys a large internal space which brings convenience to you during inspection and maintenance. Entering the tower through the access door, operator or inspector could go to check such key components as the coils and spray system directly.
  4. Belt driven fan
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