API Energy With Side Stream Filtration Cooling Tower – Open Circuit

Single Side Air Inlet

Provide Direct Coupled or Belt Driven Fan to Choose from

High Efficiency of API Energy Open Circuit Cooling Tower with Side stream Filtration

The API Energy Open Circuit Cooling Tower with sides tream filtration provides to you is a highly efficient industrial cooling apparatus that could be equipped with PVC cooling fins of higher cooling capacity. Its cooling fillers could keep sound hydrophilia for a much longer time, effectively reducing the linear pressure loss and enjoying a greater cooling performance. Its derived types, both including the dry cooling tower and wet cooling tower, could also enjoy excellent cooling performances.

Easy Maintenance of API Energy Open Circuit Cooling Tower with Side stream Filtration

This large size open cooling equipment enjoys a larger internal space which could allow the operator or inspector to come into the tower, making it easier to adjust and replace motor, belts, water spray system and other components. Meanwhile, the steel parts which fix the

PVC cooling fillers are removable, bringing convenience to replacement of the fillers.

Application of API Energy Open Circuit Cooling Tower with Side stream Filtration

The cooling tower with side stream filtration provided by API Energy is quite suitable to be used in a working place where, of a higher


Product description

Temperature (60-35ºC) or a larger temperature difference from 5 ºC to 25 ºC, a large cooling capacity is required. Now anther two derived types of it, namely the round cooling tower and square cooling tower become more appealing to customers.

  1. Temperature of liquids to be cooled: 40-90℃
  2. Maximum temperature difference: 25℃, Optimum temperature difference: 6-15℃
  3. Suitable wet bulb temperature for projects: ≥10℃
  4. Average noise value: dB6576
  5. Suitable cooling rate for projects: more than 30L/s
  6. Cooling capacity of single module: 270KW to 6,300KW
  7. our cooling tower is ideal for projects which have requirements for high water temperature of industrial process. Due to singleside air inlet, it will not affect the thermal performance of equipment when applied in those places bordered on three sides by the barrier. This product can be also used in civil air conditioning projects and energy storage tower projects.
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