API Energy Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

API EnergyTM Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is a quality industrial closed circuit cooling machinery mainly suitable for water cooling of industrial apparatuses of high temperature(35°C to 50°C) and larger temperature difference(Δt=5-15°C). Meanwhile, we could provide you single cell cooling tower, double cell cooling tower, triple cell cooling tower and double module cooling tower.


Product description

API EnergyTM Features of API Energy Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

  • High efficiency. This spray cooling tower employs an excellent air supply system which significantly improves the air flow efficiency and helps the coils become more hydrophilic. Moreover, the cooling section could cool the spray effectively;
  • No deposits. Temperature of the spray water within this combined flow closed circuit cooling tower is controlled under the temperature that facilitates the scale formation. Moreover, the pipe is thoroughly wet, making it hard for the deposit to come into being;
  • Easy maintenance. This high temperature cooling tower enjoys a large inside space which brings convenience to you during inspection and maintenance. Entering the tower through the access door, operator or inspector could go to check such key components as the coils and spray system directly.

API EnergyTM Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Advantages

  • Increased working efficiency
  • Difficult to form scales
  • Easy maintenance
  • Direct coupled fan without belt
  • Convenient modular combination


API EnergyTM Combined Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Applications

  • Temperature of liquids to be cooled: 35-60℃
  • Maximum temperature difference: 20℃, Optimum temperature difference: 6-10℃
  • Suitable wet bulb temperature for projects: ≥15℃
  • Average noise value: dB65-76
  • Suitable cooling rate for projects: more than 22L/s
  • Cooling capacity of single module: 250KW-2,910KW
  • This cooling tower is applicable to diversified industries, such as electric furnaces, smelting furnaces, crystallizers, solid melting furnaces, air compressors, rectifiers, industrial refrigeration units and the air conditioners for civil use, among others.
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