API Energy Counterflow Cooling Tower

API Energy counterflow cooling tower is a reliable cooling apparatus which takes in wind from the bottom of the tower. The incoming air flows in counter direction with the water spray, and then turns into saturated vapors. The heat of the vapor will be exhausted by the wind fans on the top part and the water will be recollected by the catch basin and recycled again. With no cooling fillers inside the tower, this highly energy efficient cooling tower is equipped with coils which enjoy expanded unit radiating areas.

Main Characteristics of API Energy Counterflow Cooling Tower

  1. Compact structure for minimum space occupation
  2. Smaller size of the product can be designed.
  3. Air inlet design provides a fully sealed cell and an improved thermal insulation property within the tower.


Product Application of API Energy Counterflow Cooling Tower

This counterflow shower cooling tower, of a compact structure, could be used in projects where the

temperature of the materials to be cooled is not so high((< 40°C) or the temperature difference is


  1. Temperature of liquids to be cooled: 25­40℃
  2. Maximum temperature difference: 8℃, Optimum temperature difference: 3­5℃
  3. Suitable wet bulb temperature for projects: ≥5℃
  4. Average noise value: dB59­72
  5. Suitable cooling rate for projects: more than 3L/s
  6. Cooling capacity of single module: 58KW­1,150KW
  7. The counterflow cooling tower is ideal for those projects which have requirements for low amount of cooling water, low water temperature, low temperature difference and low wet bulb temperature.

For instance, it can be applied in medium frequency power supplies, small electric furnaces and the air conditioners for civil use.

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