API Energy Parallel Flow Evaporative Condenser

The parallel flow evaporative condenser provided by API Energy  is reliable industrial condenser enjoying a user friendly design. Of a large access door, this efficient evaporative condenser has a big inner space which could allow the operator or inspector to conduct maintenance quite easily. You can inspect the floating ball valve and filter without turning it off. As the wind flows in the same direction as that of the spray water, it is quite easy to inspect the nozzle and coils during the operation of the cooling equipment.

Meanwhile, this energy saving heat transfer apparatus employs the second heat transferring technology and the combination of coils and fillers, avoiding such problem as the dry point and incrustation on the wall of coils and cooling the fluid inside quite efficiently. The bottom of the catch basin is inclined and the heat transfer layer is hanged up, making it easier for the sewage to flow out. This parallel flow evaporative condenser integrates the traditional condenser, cooling tower, water circulation pump, water pool and connecting pipes, occupying smaller space and enjoying less cost.

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