API Energy Economizers

API Energy Economizers is simple and cheap way to change standard boilers into condensing ones. They cool exhaust gases enabling their condensation. It increases the efficiency of heating system up to 20%. In the boiler room API Energy economizers transfer their waste heat to either to feed water or combustion air pre-heaters, essentially converting standard boilers into condensing boilers. A wide range of models allows the selection of the economizers for boilers from 250kW up to 6000kW.

API Energy economizers features and benefits: 

  • Increased system efficiency,
  • Real energy and cost savings,
  • Converts standard boilers into condensing boilers,
  • Increases existing boiler efficiency by up to 20%,
  • Feasible for boiler systems ranging from 250 kW to 6 000 kW,
  • Unique tube design for optimal thermal performance,
  • Easy installation, low maintenance.

API Energy Typical economizer applications include: 

  • District heating systems,
  • Greenhouses,
  • Food processing plants,
  • Pulp and Paper mills,
  • Textile plants,
  • Dairy processing facilities,
  • Hospitals,
  • Hotels.
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