API Energy Wall Hung Condensing Boiler

API EnergyTM Wall Hung Condensing Boiler are high efficiency with Premix condensing technology and micro-flame metal fiber coated steel burner. API EnergyTM Wall Hung condensing boilers can be offered in cascaded system with maximum capacity of 2400 kW in this systems which consist of panel which controls multiple boiler with sensor & mixing valve.
We offer simple control with illuminated LCD panel which provides ease of use with error codes of boiler information can be displayed on this panel, Operated with natural gas or LPG having lower noise values. Environmentally-friendly with lower NOx and CO emission rates.

Advantage of API EnergyTM Wall Hung Condensing Boiler

  • Eco friendly solutions to individual and central heating systems.
  • Compact design.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Low polluting emissions.
  • Operation in lower sound level.


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