API Energy sludge heat exchangers / Wastewater Digester

Two common issues with some other sludge pasteurisation systems are their inherent inefficiency and fouling of the heat exchanger tubes due to the nature of the sludge or waste water material. API Energy concentric tube heat exchangers are designed to overcomes the fouling issues by using its corrugated tube in tube technology , together with cleaning-in-process (CIP) technology.

API Energy concentric tube heat exchangers are designed for heating sludge and organic waste in the anaerobic digestion process.  Large inner tubes are used to eliminate blocking and allow heating of thick sludges to over 10% dry solids content. These are Tube-in-Tube corrugated tube heat exchangers specially designed for direct regeneration (product to product) between hot and cold sludge and biomass. Units are formed by two concentric tubes, and the transition between units is done by means of special clogging-free headers. API Energy Sludge Heat Exchanger packages can also be provided to suit individual projects.


Product description

API Energy Sludge Heat Exchanger Package are provided with integral Controllers which are available in skid-mounted and fully piped-up.  The pre-assembled modules facilitate fast track installation and commissioning. These heat exchanger products are suitable for incorporation with heat recovery loops including CHP and thermal drier applications.  Monsal Controllers ensure accurate temperature control .


  • Purpose-designed water jackets give optimal liquid velocity and heat transfer.
  • Heating of thick sludges – to over 10% dry solids content.
  • Suitable for mesophilic and thermophilic duties.
  • API Energy Steam Ejector Heat Exchangers are especially suited for advanced digestion processes including thermophilic digestion, Enzymic Hydrolysis, thermal hydrolysis, and specialist applications where there is a higher risk of heat exchanger fouling.
  • API Energy  Steam Ejector Heat Exchangers are suited for very thick sludges and can be provided with high pressure and depressurization systems to increase the levels of solids destruction in the digestion process.

API Energy Sludge heat exchanger are suitable for the following applications:

Environmental applications:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sewage sludge and biosolids treatment
  • Other effluents

Bioenergy applications:

  • Biogas feedstock pasteurisation
  • Pasteurising digestate from biogas production

Food & agricultural applications:

  • Pasteurising food and agricultural wastes


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