API Energy Dehumidifier System includes compressor, evaporator, condenser, capillary and pipe structures. When the damp air passes the evaporator, it will be condensed and become the dry air, and then will be heated passing through the condenser.

API Energy Standard Dehumidifier are available from 2.5 Liter/hour to 180 Liter/hour, including the multi-functional dehumidification system, duct type dehumidifiers and independent dehumidifiers.

API Energy Dehumidifier Advantage

  • Extensive product line: cover the capacity from 2.5-180kg/h with several sizes available.
  • Energy savings: Vital system components are engineered for long life and minimal maintenance assuring a high return on investment.
  • High operation efficiency: It is designed with the accurate and efficient components and operating modes.
  • Full comfort for pool environments:Humidity is precisely controlled between 50% and 60% for maximum user comfort.

API Energy Dehumidifier Functions:

  • Dehumidification
  • Indoor room air heating
  • Indoor room air conditioning
  • Swimming pool water heating
  • Fresh air energy recovery ventilation
  • Air quality control


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