API Energy Hot Water Boiler

API EnergyTM Monobloc boiler, three smoke passes (two in combustion chamber), at pressurized combustion, equipped with wide furnace at flame reverse, with furnace back completely wet.Connection for starting condensate discharge placed on the smoke chamber, internal course of the water studied in order to cool the anterior part and increase the temperature in the rear part of the boiler to reduce the starting condensate. Suitable to work with gas, LPG, light oil or heavy oil fuel. This version of boiler are suggested to be used in heating plants with hot water up to 90° C, for Italy (for export 115°C), with working pressure 6 bar (on request 8 or 10 bar).

Boiler with double furnace composed with two boilers placed one over the other one.This boiler is suitable to function with two flames, and on request with four flames (with two two-stage burners). The regulation can be in parallel or in cascade, with inversion of the start-up frequency.

Three smoke passes (pressurized combustion – low NOx), with double furnace at passing flame with wet back. This structure is coming from the combination of two boiler bodies, so that diving the capacity on two  furnaces it is improved the flexibility of use and it is increased the seasonal efficiency. By using two-stage burners there is the possibility to work with four power running, therefore up to the 25% of the nominal capacity, reducing in such way the efficiency losses caused from the intermittent working and also reducing the noise. Suitable to work with gas, LPG, light oil and heavy oil.

Monobloc boiler, three smoke passes with economizer for an higher efficiency (>95%) (pressurized combustion – low NOx), with wide furnace at passing flame with wet back. Geometrical structure (tube nest over the combustion chamber) which permits to reduce the width. The API EnergyTM Hot Water Boilers are suggested to be used in heating plants with narrow entry passages and with small dimensions. Suitable to work with gas, LPG, light oil.

Product description

API EnergyTM Hot Water Boilers consist pressurized combustion heat exchangers made of steel with inversion flame type and successive turn in the tube system. The high speed of the fumes inside the tube and the high turbolence provoked with the new turbolators in stainless steel AISI 430, favours the heating exchange, decreases of the consumption, increasing the combustion yield that reaches an efficiency over 90%. The jacket consists of elegant panels in steel painted with epoxy powder paint, and is totally insulated with rock wool in order to give it high heat insulation characteristics. The power losses on the smoke side are so limited that allows a wide range of choice for operation with gas oil-fire burners with forced air.

API EnergyTM Hot Water Monobloc boiler, three smoke passes (pressurized combustion – low NOx) with furnace with passing flame and wet smoke chamber, optimal cooling assured from water return in the rear part conveyed in the inversion chamber, low thermal load which grants a reduction of the mechanical stress on the furnace, high water content which permits an excellent regulation of the temperature.Minimum water return temperature 50°C; high efficiency (94%). The boiler mod. TRINOx is suggested to be used in plants with industrial heating. Available also with instrument panel for temperature up to 110°C.

API EnergyTM generator is the monobloc in three passes (two in the hearth), pressurized combustion. It is a generator to dry chamber. This technology consists in separating the heat from the wall in contact with the water, using special angular profiles dry that reach a high temperature in a short time. The fumes of combustion, therefore, avoid condense even with low water temperature of the boiler. It is equipped with a boiler to produce hot water boiler immersed directly in the body: this has advantages, such as small footprint, ease of installation (no need to pump for cylinder heating and joints), reduced the overall area external and therefore minimum heat loss

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