API EnergyTM  Classifier is based on the natural laws of centrifugal, gravitational and flow forces that bring about the classification in elements of different sizes. It has excellent ability to handle various types of materials including quartz sand, gypsum, lime, cement, iron ore, coal and other raw materials. Acknowledged in the global market place for its wear free confined air seal, smooth drive and unbreakable strong lining, this equipment provides maximum economy even during maintenance.

Product description

API EnergyTM  Air Classifier for cement are designed in such a way that the material-tobe- classified arrives at the distribution plate by two diametrically arranged feeding chutes. Due to the high speed of rotation, the material is then pushed to the side walls. In this process, any possible agglomerates disintegrate before the dissolved material falls into the classifying area below. In falling, the material is caught by a horizontal airflow which carries the smaller particles through the rotor blades into the rotating cage. From there, they are either carried to cyclones or are classified as fine material through a filter system. During this classifying process, heavy particles are not caught by the air flow but fall into the coarse material cone.

API EnergyTM  Features

  • Confined Air Seal,Wear-free thanks to Air Cushion.
  • Maximum Economy,Even During Maintenance.
  • Smooth Drive, Reliable and Long-lasting.
  • Strong Lining, An Unbreakable Protection

Our Classifiers are successfully installed for the production of quality materials such as:

  • Cement
  • Gypsum
  • Raw meal
  • Lime
  • Coal / Petcoke
  • Iron one
  • Quartz sand
  • Feildspar
  • Graphite / Fly ash
  • Wollastonite
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