API EnergyTM incorporated with leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Gasifier, Industrial Biomass Gasifiers, Coal Gasifiers and gasification based power plants for thermal and electrical applications. We have supplied Gasifiers of different capacities for rural, industrial and urban projects.  We are also undertaking the thermal projects as well as providing power production from agricultural waste technology.

Product description

API EnergyTMAvailable Types of Gasifiers:

  • API EnergyTMCoal Gasifier
  • API EnergyTMBiomass Gasifier

API EnergyTMCoal Gasifier

API EnergyTMCoal Gasifier has successfully marked its achievement in the most demanding applications such as glass melting & annealing, petrol-fuel replacement and lime kiln. We have in stock two types of gasifier, extended shaft gasifiers and single stage gasifiers for B & C high grade coal. An essential equipment for power and thermal industry, it is wisely integrated with PLC & SCADA for regulating the temperature, pressure and gas flow between gasifier and application. It is an economical solution as compared to fossil fuel i.e. furnace oil & LPG due to its lowest running cost.

API EnergyTM Biomass Gasifier

API EnergyTMBiomass Gasifier is specially developed for Captive Power Generation, Rural Power Generation, Grid Based Power Generation and many others. With this gasifier, we present an economical and eco- friendly solution to convert woody biomass /agricultural wastes like coconut waste, rice-husk etc. into a combustible gas that can be further used in a number of applications. We offer two types of gasifier for bioMassviz, updraft and downdraft gasifiers. In today’s time, the fuel generated from the gasifier can be used in engines and any application as an alternative to LPG, diesel or any other petro-fuel.

API EnergyTM  Gasifier Applications :

  • Petrol-fuel replacement
  • Stainless steel Re-rolling industries
  • Lime kiln
  • Hot air generators
  • Galvanizing industries
  • Hot water generator
  • Glass melting & annealing
  • Aluminum die cast
  • Copper/ Brass sheet industries
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