API Energy Electric Flow Heaters

API EnergyTM Electric Flow Heaters have no storage capacity and rely upon circulation of water through the secondary system to dissipate the heat. This enables the design of the heat flow heater to be compact, with the shell bore slightly larger than the immersion heater.


API EnergyTM flow heaters are used in various applications, their main use This enables the design of the flow heaters to be compact with the bore of the shell slightly larger than the immersion heater.being on closed heating systems such as heating radiator circuits or for space heating requirements. They are also ideal for fresh water applications including swimming pool heaters or as a pre-heat or back up for domestic hot water storage calorifiers. They are an ideal back up service for existing boiler plant permitting boilers to be shut down during maintenance programmes or periods of low demand. They can also be used as a “back up” to main boilers during periods of high demand. The standard range consists of models ranging from 30 kW to 1200 kW, although other outputs can be supplied. Details available on request.

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