API Energy Electric Storage Calorifers

API EnergyTM Electric calorifiers have become one of the preferred means of generating hot water for both domestic and space heating applications. Clean and efficient in operation electric calorifiers are found in hospitals, hotels, sports centres and general residential blocks. The versatility of electric heating enables these units to meet special site conditions where the use of other primary sources of energy would be extremely difficult or expensive. Bulky primary pipework systems, primary control valves or exhaust flues are not required. Low installation, maintenance and off-peak costs can make electricity attractive. It can also be a cost effective back-up for other heat sources during periods of low demand and shut-down of the main primary heating source.

Types of Electrical heater being used in API EnergyTM Electric calorifiers

Fixed Elements : Lowest cost option but if one element fails, the entire heater must be replaced

Replaceable Elements: These are fixed to the element plate using special nuts and glands. A failed element can be replaced (after draining the calorifier to remove the heater) without wasting the remaining good elements

Removable Core Elements: The highest cost type. Each heater element can be withdrawn from the immersion heater and replaced without draining down the calorifier.

Element Sheath Material Options ( It is a part which is in contact with the water)

  • Copper – Most Commonly Used
  • Nickel Alloys – (EG Incolloy) – Recommended for use with hard water
  • Stainless Steel
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