API Energy Direct Gas Fired Calorifer

API Energy Direct Gas Fired Calorifer or Water Heater which will generate hot water with an efficiency of 95% and 99.9% depending on the operating conditions compared to conventional systems. Our Temperature Control System will automatically control your heater firing sequence to provide optimum energy efficiency while maintaining product/water temperature to accurately avoid a moisture condensation situation.

API Energy Offer Direct Gas Fired Calorifer or Hot Water Features & Benefits

  • 100% stainless steel construction / carbon steel tubes coated to withstand high temperature.
  • Internal hot water storage.
  • Easy access side mounted burner.
  • PLC control and monitoring system.
  • Hot water to 185 degrees F ( Higher on request).
  • Diesel oil, Natural Gas, LPG and Propane fuel systems.
  • Full systems design.
  • Space requirements are minimum.
  • Separate boiler not required.
  • Installation is simplified.
  • Can also be used with solar or heat pump system where oil or gas fired system can be considered as a backup.
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