API Energy Storage Calorifiers

API EnergyTM storage calorifiers offers an ideal solution when domestic hot water is required in volume. Water is heated indirectly by a primary medium via

  • internal u-tube battery
  • In conjunction with plate heat exchanger packages
  • water from heat pumps
  • electric immersion heaters

Offers clean and efficient primary heat source for storage in the calorifier. API Energy calorifier are supplied in either vertical or horizontal orientation. The vessel can be installed with plate heat exchangers to reduce the boiler load when a constant hot water source is not essential but a short, peak demand is. Each vessel is designed specifically for each project so connection sizes & orientation can be designed to suit site requirements

API EnergyTM calorifiers using the following standard materials:

  • Solid Copper
  • Copper-Lined Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass/Polymer Lined Steel


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