API Energy Crossflow Cooling Tower – Open Circuit

Features of API Energy Crossflow Cooling Tower

API Energy crossflow cooling tower is credited for its low noise and mixed flow design. As its coils are arranged at both sides, the open cooling equipment enjoys a larger space for air flow. And its fan throat, of a maximized size, could significantly expand the airflow area. The wide fan blades which, of lower rotating speed, are often used in the aviation and could effectively reduce the wind pressure and lower the noise.

Easy Maintenance. This combined flow closed circuit cooling tower enjoys a large inside space which brings convenience to you during inspection and maintenance. Entering the tower through the access door, operator or inspector could go to check such key components as the coils and spray system directly.


Application of API EnergyCrossflow Cooling Tower

This lownoisecounterflow cooling tower, of a compact structure, could be applicable to projects where the temperature of the materilasto be cooled is not so high (< 40°C) or the temperature difference is smaller (Δt=3-5°C)

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